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paper clay teeth

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This goes out to anyone who has experience to sculpting teeth out of clay. I'm working with air dry paper clay, and quite frankly my teeth are turning out a bit on the crude side (and not in a desirable way). Could someone please lend me your expertise in the form of a tutorial?
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I used a weird way to do mine but worked great and was hard as stone. It was what nail salons use to make acrylic nails. Takes a bit of practice but in the end worked great.

Terra's teeth. I asked a local orthodontist if I could have a plaster mold of teeth (they usually throw them away). Using the same stuff to make acrylic nails, I coated and built up the fangs and other teeth. Finished with painting them.

Teeth with acrylic applied (several layers).

Teeth all painted.

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1 - 1 of 15 Posts
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