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I've been drooling over the new Actobotics, a precision servo building system, from Servo City and anxious to give them a try - http://www.servocity.com/html/actoboticstm.html. I put them to the test and used them to bring a character I've had on the drawing boards for quite awhile to life.
With the help of a great "Prop Squad", we completed the project in record time in order to have finished in time to make the deadline for a Halloween issue magazine article. Robert Risley, aka Bobzilla played a major role in helping come up with the design concept and he also painted the skeleton (a very laborious project when done right) and was responsible for putting all the finishing touches together to make Papa look his best. Pat Malloy, aka Dead Things, took on the task of writing (along with lots of input from Jana) and recording the audio track that we'd be using. He really outdid himself on this one! Jana Snipes, aka Pumpkin5 joined the group and agreed to provide all the props that we'd be using. She hit it out of the park with her outstanding contributions. Brian Lincoln, aka Lightman, was the brains behind developing the new board modifications and programming of the Parallax Propeller Activity Board - http://www.parallax.com/product/32910 that made it possible to puppeteer and save the movements of all 8 of the servos in the body. Kyle Lewis, who's the very knowledgeable and helpful tech from Servo City, was instrumental in choosing the right Actobotics components to complete the build. The final member of the team was my son Bryan Koci, the owner of Red Tie Photography, who took all the fabulous pictures and video of the completed Papa VooDoo. They'll all be joining in the discussion on this thread with their thoughts so if you have any questions for any of the group, please post your questions.

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