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I put up a Craigslist ad, to no avail. And I've looked around online. Unfortunately, the best price I've found for painter's/drywall stilts, brand new, was around eighty bucks, including shipping and handling. Which is a bit much for something I might use once a year.

Not only that... ideally, I'd actually like two pairs. And since I'm asking around for them on the Halloween Forum, you can probably guess what I need them for. Costumes! One for me, one for my better half. I've always wanted to do a huge, terrifying monster costume. With luck, this Halloween will be the year I put it together.

So! Do a fellow Halloweenie a solid. Anyone have any? Used and abused works just fine for me, as long as you can still walk in them.

If no one has any, can you direct me to somewhere with a better deal than $80.00?
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