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Packing up string lights

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As we start to pack up string lights, I thought I'd share my quick and easy method of storing them to prevent tangles. First, get a piece of relatively sturdy cardboard, approximately 9x12" or so. I'm using the side of a box that would otherwise be in the recycling. Cut a short slit on the top side, about 3/4" or so in from the end. On the other end, cut a slit on the top and the bottom. Then take the end of the light string and catch it in the first slit. Wrap the lights around the cardboard, and catch the other end in whichever of the slits on that end it can reach. Put the entire thing in a small bag, like those small plastic bags from the grocery store. Now you can pack them in boxes, and they won't tangle on themselves or on other strings.

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