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Oy! My Friends, What a Year!

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I haven't been on in quite awhile, as some of you know. There are so MANY new members and so many new posts I figured that I might as well put this post in the Member Introductions thread.
I really have missed so many of you. I've missed the good ol days (some of you know what I mean). Today was such a perfectly over-cast, and somewhat drizzly, I just had to come on board and say 'HEY'!

I'm a Grampa, now! WHOO-HOO! I'ts really pretty neat... However, as long as I don't particularly LOOK like a Grampa or FEEL like a Grampa, there won't be any problems.
His name is Cohen Levi Thrower and if I have anything to do with it he'll grow up appreciating the magical wonders of Halloween..... Starting off with those pumpkin baby booties that I bought a few years ago.... That's if I can FIND the darn things (??????????????)

Grampa and Grandson

Mommy and Son

It's been an entire year now that I've taken up guitar and although I've been told that I'm doing pretty good, I don't feel a years worth of good. I've gotten a few new toys.....

I did finally put together my official OEJ guitar....

and my AS series Ibanez Artcore.... I've made a few modifications... i.e. new pickups specially designed mounts and knobs..... it's very jazzy....

I also bought a new bass guitar that I just love! I don't have a camera available to me right now so all I've got is this stock photo....

This is the custom design I want to have it painted with..... Succub'oz isn't really into me dong it though. Just thought I'd throw it out there to you and see what you thought.....

I also got a new MUG from Michael's now that they're starting to put their Halloween stuff out. It's the pumpkin one with 'Happy Halloween' spelled out in the teeth. It's pretty cool!

Well, there it is for now. Now that I've said hello, I suppose I'll go read about what everyone else has been up to.... I'd better get at it... there's A LOT to read! heh heh!
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How great to hear from you, OEJ!! I was just thinking about you guys the other day and wondering what you were up to, but I see you've been VERY busy!!

Your guitars are great, and I laughed out loud when I saw the pumkin dice hanging from that guitar!!!! It made me so happy to see that :D:D:D I think you should definitely paint the bass with the design (Sorry, Succub'oz :eek:)

Hope we'll hear from you again real soon.

Hugs from Hooch

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Greetings OEJ.
Just as it's nice to welcome new members, It's always a pleasure to meet long standing members who have been "off the scene" for a while. :)

congratulations on the new addition to the family.

I shall delay you no longer, as it would appear you have some serious catching up to do.. :D

Welcome back to the forum.


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Congrats!! Cute kid!

My older son is 18 and I am not looking forward to Grandpaship any time soon I hope.


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Ms. Mama Hooch, if you saw how PRETTY this base was in person, you'd agree with me. It's such a pretty orange shade and it shouldn't be marred. Those pics OEJ posted to give everyone an idea are CRAP. I've already threatened to hide it if he tries to mess with it. I hate seeing something that someone pays a bunch of money for and then doing something silly to screw it up. It'll never be the same if OEJ fiddles with it. I've made my feelings known. ;)

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Welcome back OEJ. Beautiful family you have. I have been a grandfather for eighteen years and it's wonderful. Grandchildren are a lot like movie rentals, when your done with them you just take them back. You also get to watch your kids going through the same things you had to. Congrats.

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OEJ! You're a pawpaw! Or a poppa? or a gramps? I've heard the only thing more wonderful than having kids is having grandkids, so congratulations on the little bundle of joy! I've been away, too, and you were one of the first people I looked for to see if you were still posting here. It's like old home week. And I certainly remember those good old days you referred to.
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