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Hey guys, I just wanted to let all Halloween music lovers know that I am offering over twenty 100% free Halloween back tracks, instrumentals and some original creepy songs. I have a lot of variety in the songs. There are slow horror song, fast ones, really long ones (I have one that is a full hour long!) Wanted to post them all for free because everyone has been so nice about my music. I really hope you like the songs and I hope they can be useful for a haunted house or just listening enjoyment. Also I have a lot more songs on my youtube channel that I do not currently have up for download but if you request a song that you like I will put it up as a free download. Just let me know which one. Anyway if you just want to listen to all (40ish) songs you can check out my youtube page:

here: http://www.youtube.com/user/ForrestJWilson

(sorry the link button is not working on my browser for some reason.)

and all the free downloads can be found here:

(over 20 free downloads here:)


here is one sample!

anyway thanks for the support and if you like my music PLEASE subscribe to my youtube channel and share my music on your facebook or twitter. It really means a lot to me. message me with any questions and I will get back to you!

Love, Forrest:rolleyes:
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