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On vacation so I thought I would try to get something Halloween done. Not the scariest prop but it will look good in background somewhere. I made it all from wood except the post and that's pvc. The light is one of those green yard spotlights that Menard's sells. It fit in there perfect ,not planned. Then I just ran cord down pipe and out the back. I'm not completely done yet, I want to add more detail , not sure what, but something.


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I learned a really cool trick a few years ago, but can't remember where, or who posted it, but if you mix water and a little Elmer's (white school glue) together, then pain it on a clear surface, glass or plexiglass, and it really works well as a frosted glass effect. It remains translucent enough to let light shine through. Here's a lantern I purchased for $7 in he camping department at Walmart. It was gloss black with clear glass when I got it, so I did some faux paint, and used the glue trick on the glass. I shot a little flat back spray pain on the inside top to give the glass the bit of a burnt look. I love the glue trick. Cheap and easy!
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