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Hello Haunters:

I have created single FX clips from our larger Packs/USB drives - oh it only took 30 hours to make all the separate elements. But if anyone is interested in trying one effect, instead of 20-40, I am selling them for $5.00 instant download after payment via paypal.

The link says showreel, which is odd...on WIX that I use for this site, they have some URL components which won't change. So...that's our single page, there is a direct link on the front page too. You can preview around 30 seconds of each scene, there's a lot of different ones. I am selling quite a few of the full products, but visitors to my Virtual Santa site buy a $10.00 item, more than anything else...so I decided to try it with Halloween FX.

I spend about 2000 hours Per Year, since 1996 on new products, hopefully something is of interest to you. Thanks....JON
Jon Hyers

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