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Hey all. I’m looking to build an updated Michael Myers for the yard. My first thought was to use/reuse a PVC armature. I’d like to improve on my last iteration though. The last one from years ago I built up the body and arms with chicken wire covering the PVC armature. I haven’t used that one in many years. I was planning to use pool noodles for the legs and arms, but I’d like to improve on using chicken wire. While it worked, it was a pain to deal with honestly.

After a little more thought, I’m leaning towards buying a “cheaper” plastic mannequin, drilling large holes in the heels and additional holes up through the mannequin’s body. The thought is to use 1” PVC through the feet, all the way up to stand him up. It’s the more expensive option, but I figure it will give Mikey the bulk I want. Only problem then is to figure out how to get the cheapo mannequin to hold a knife, and also how to be able to position the straight arms. I think in that case I’ll cut the arms at the elbows and duck tape them into the desired position. Not quite sure about that yet though.

Any other weather resistant suggestions to build up the body and chest on a PVC base? I haven’t paid much attention to these boards, so I’m hoping someone has come up with some genius way of building outdoor props with bulk in the last few years. 😁

Here's the one I built in 2008. Night pics were hard to capture in those days, but you get the idea...

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