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Sense I'm in the works of the new "ultimate audio/animatronic control and playback system", I thought I'd share pics of the old unit that has run the Grim and Jack Show for the last 2 years YouTube - THEMINDSHAFT's Channel
(as well as many other animatronic shows and haunts for others). It can do MIDI animatronic control playback, and 8 channels of audio playback.

The new system will feature:

24 audio outs. Each can be set individually to be a triggered sound, a looping sound, or a sound linked to MIDI animatronic show controll.

24 trigger inputs. For triggering of sounds via external inputs (i.e. foot mat, motion detector, etc.)

MIDI out. For playback of MIDI animation control data. Up to 1024 digital actions, and 512 analog actions. Link 2 or more for even more control!

4 show start inputs. So up to 4 different shows can be pre programed, and played back.

All sound, MIDI, and setup data will be stored on a single compact flash card, and the system is totally stand alone. NO PC needed! No crashes in the middle of a busy haunt night 'cause I was running Windows to worry about! And standard 19" rack mount for all the neat freak techies! (like me)

You could run an entire home haunt with just one of these soon to be bad boys!

Just thought I'd tease a little.

Bill Ehrsam.
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