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I feel like I am cheating because my party is not until this Saturday and I have taken advantage of all of your wonderful ideas and pictures. Thanks to everyone I have a witches cove (front hallway), dead fairy tale room (guest room) autopsy room/lab (dining room) bloody bathroom and two scary living rooms. I am hoping for good weather so we can do the outside on Saturday morning. Started getting nervous that everyone would be Halloweened out by now but I have 26 confirmed guests and others that will probably just show up. I will post pictures after the party. Thanks everyone!

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Good luck!

Try to take pics throughout the party. If you get too busy, you might want to name a backup photographer. One of the things that bothers me the most is that I get so busy I forget and end up with only a few photos of the beginning. :(

Take pics of your decor, preferably before the guests really get there. Take pics of your food tables, prize tables etc... if you have them. It is really easy to forget and referring to your spread pics for next year is very handy for what worked and didn't work.

Stock plenty of TP in the bathroom where it is EASY to find. Just trust me on this. ;)

Keep some dishtowels and such handy for spills.

Do periodic sweeps of the party area to discard cups and plates that people forgot about. It will keep things from ending up all over your floor, and save you that much time at the end of the night having to pick up all of that crap.

Have a large trash can handy for the guests trash. They won't leave nearly as much lying around then.

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Frankie's Girl nailed a lot of the points I was going to make - Frankie's Girl, I see that you've been doing this quite awhile like me. : )

Yes, definitely take photos of your rooms before the party as you will not likely have time once everyone starts arriving.

Don't forget to put an ice bucket with ice in it on your soda table.

Take off any bathrugs unless you don't mind people stepping on them.

Put a rug right outside your deck door/door so people don't drag dirt in.

Set up garbage cans with trashbags in them already (put box of trashbags next to them) - one for real garbage and the other for recyclables

Start setting up your buffet table the morning of the party, including utensils for serving, etc.

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Agree with the other two. LOTS of trash cans around!
I give our video cam to a guest and end up with great footage that I totally didn't expect.
Check your lighting. Some of our videos turned out too dark even though it seemed like there was enough light. Later (and too late for the other acts) we thought about turning on the fan light in the livingroom for the macabre theater finals.


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