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Our homage to The Halloween Tree

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"So I wrote the novel of The Halloween Tree... and along the way, when people read it, The Halloween Tree began to appear in front yards across the United States. I am so glad of that because now I realize I am becoming part of my favorite holiday. And when I go home tonight, I know I will find a few Halloween Trees in front yards... So you see how much this means to me."

~ Ray Bradbury October 31, 2007, at the dedication of The Halloween Tree at Disneyland

Here is our humble version of The Halloween Tree we lit tonight in our front yard.
Thank you Mr. Bradbury. It's an honor to represent you and carry on your love of Halloween.

Lighting Night Tree Sky Orange
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Lovely! Rereading one of Bradbury's October-themed novels is a Halloween tradition for me, so I LOVE the idea of bringing that wonderful tree to life. Not sure why it hadn't occurred to me before (though I haven't had a yard with the right sort of tree in it for a long while). I think Moundshoud would be pleased with yours!
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