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Our Halloween Pirate Haunt 2014

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Vehicle House Home Building Roof

We have been busy for the past few weeks trying to get setup early..
Its coming along pretty great. We are raising money for a local Charity with the haunt.
So many Friends and local business are supporting us with this years build.
I hope you like it so far...
If you cant see this years pic from the link ill try to share some directly.
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I wish I lived on your street!
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Now thats a ship!!!!! WOW... Awesome... no WAY the wife would let me build one that big! Mine's a bit smaller and in 2 halves, but I would so do that! Great job and GREAT cause!
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WOOOOW we never get to see such great exhibits like this in England well done
41 feet in total length and 8 feet wide.
3 PORT cannon's wired with lights and smoke... And a 120 lb air Cannon. All on timers
The Teak Helm is powered with a motor and motion sensors. Davy Jones will be the captain when he is ready to come out.
2 Deck Cannons with lights and Smoke on timers.
Well have a deck hand on the front of the boat with a light (motorized) to help guide the vessel to shore.

Capt Jack will be trying to escape in the dinngy with the gold (to be shown later in the month)

A drunken sailor will be drinking rum in the Tartuga Tavern. (To be shown later ;) )
Transport Vehicle Grass Wood Lawn

Tree Vehicle Wood Crane Plant
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Thats what im talkin bout ...... Great job !!!

If we start chanting for movies of it all together, and promise a barrel of rum, would you post some?! :cool:
I mean really? That is sick!!!! Holeee sheeeet ...well done!
Great job :D I am hoping for good weather in UK or my boat will be going in Living Room (somehow?????)
This thing is off the HOOK!! (pun intended) There's decorating for Halloween, and there's DECORATING for Halloween. This is amazing!! I hope you take some video to post, would love to see the cannons and animatronics!!
OMG what a sick setup congrats for your amazing work !!! That would be a dream come true having a Pirate theme haut like yours !!!!!!
We will be taking video.. but have to wait till 24 to do it... i cant exactly hide the whole setup from the kids... If i had it all set up...
Wood Tree Rock Plant Art

the ship has speakers build into the boat.. and motors on the Helm as well as (walk the plank) and rotating deckhand on the front of the boat...
As well as drunk swashbuckler in the tavern
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Now that's a pirate ship, just amazing. Can't wait to see the vids.
WOW!!! I love it! I too am doing Pirates this year. Wish we lived closer, I'd love to see your setup in person.

How are you using it as a fundraiser? I am also hoping to do the same thing. I work at a nonprofit School for Special needs children. I've considered putting a donation bucket out with some info about the school. Just curious, have you done this before?

AARRRRRR!!!....... UN-FREAKIN' BELIEVABLE MATEY!!! Can't wait for the video! :cool:
Wow! That is an incredible build! How many people did you have to help? Where will you store it? Fantastic work.
i built the ship myself... I have had our crew help with some of the fencing and the row boat and they will be designing the rest of the warf and the tavern that is going to be built up in the next week or so
Ho Lee Scheet, that's incredible. Amazing work.
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