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As mentioned in another post, we've been done and setup since last Saturday. We currently run four events for Halloween: a private party, school fundraiser, senior community night, and open house on Halloween night.

It's been a very long year for us, as we started planning in February and I began working on projects in March. By starting early, our hope was to save time and not be swamped as Halloween week approached. This worked, but it also had the side effect of burning us out much faster.

It takes too long to upload many photos here on the forum, so I'm posting a few pics along with links to my website that has more.

House Exterior: http://hanushaunt.com/halloween-2017/2017-house-exterior/
Lighting Home Night Light Property

Witches Room: http://hanushaunt.com/halloween-2017/2017-witches-room/
Lighting Purple Interior design

Bathroom and Hallways: http://hanushaunt.com/halloween-2017/2017-bathroom-and-hallways/
Purple Violet Light Lighting Pink

Kitchen: http://hanushaunt.com/halloween-2017/2017-kitchen/
Lighting Light fixture Ceiling Sky Lighting accessory

Parlor: http://hanushaunt.com/halloween-2017/2017-parlor/
Fireplace Hearth Room Lighting Property

Skeleton Dining Room: http://hanushaunt.com/halloween-2017/2017-skeleton-dining-room/
(I think this is the pinnacle of our display this year)
Purple Violet Function hall Lighting Event

We even had some news coverage:


The links above should go directly to the respective sections, but all of them, including previous years, can be found at http://hanushaunt.com.

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Very well designed and executed. You and your wife deserve a standing ovation. Bravo!! Kudos to you as well for having it as a fundraiser for some much needed programs. I hope that it all is a haunting success.

Nice write-up/story in the press as well.
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