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What will we build first?

  • Ground breaker coffin: Herman Secret

    Votes: 6 14.3%
  • Bucky corpsing: Unorthodox

    Votes: 2 4.8%
  • Beloved tombstone: Terra

    Votes: 8 19.0%
  • Small indoor decorations: Dustin2Dust

    Votes: 3 7.1%
  • Life-sized prop making: Bear

    Votes: 2 4.8%
  • Fake teeth with dental molds: Awahneeliz

    Votes: 5 11.9%
  • Facades: Dead Ted

    Votes: 4 9.5%
  • Bobbing skull behind tombstone: DaveintheGrave

    Votes: 12 28.6%

Our first prop build Poll!

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Alright, here is the poll to pick our first prop build.
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OMG I did not realize I typed this much......I'm sorry.....go get a french vanilla coffee or a beer & then read it!!! It'll be easier to get through.....I promise I'll work on making them shorter!!

Ok Kids we said we would answer questions as we go along since we are all new to this so here is a piece of the pm DaveintheGrave sent me so I'll try & answer him but you guys have to say something too cause on some of these projects ya know we have to order stuff. SO here's our 1st set of questions from the teacher!!lol I separated them into 3 questions so if you guys respond please address what statement you are referring too.


1. Anyway, if you can give me some time on the parts list. There are a couple of parts of the project that I thought would work better if I changed them slightly. I need to get to Lowe's and see if what I have in mind is available.

2. Also what about the parts needed that the builders are going to have to order? The motor and the AC/DC power adapter I ordered from Electronic Goldmine. Does everyone order their own parts?

3. I actually have a short video of the prop I can post. Did you want me to post it in the Instructor thread or somewhere else? (Actually I'll get in trouble with Terra if I post it. It's got my car in the background and she told me NOT to post any more pictures of my car!! LOL)

Muffy Says:
1. Thats fine Dave don't feel too rushed cause ya got til Feb. BUT if we have to order stuff ya better git kick'in!!lol My suggestion is to tell your wife you have no time to put up the tree & decorations cause ya have to operate on the innards of this moving skeleton cause the students are waiting for an answer!!lol

2, Ok people lets have some group input here.....for me I'm hopeless on knowing "Parts", they could be from a washing machine or a car & I could not tell the difference so I need help & am speaking for those of us like Gothic Princess as we have talked about this...... we need FULL GUIDANCE!!!
Options are if you guys all buy your own materials like this locally then there is no shipping charges BUT these pieces we are going to need....are they something we can get locally at the auto parts store or is this something you have to special order & if we do that can we approach the folks for a better rate if we order quite a few? So Dave tell us if we can get this locally or if we have to order it. If we order them you guys have to decide how many of us are participating in this project & if there are enough of us we'll approach them to see if we can get a group discount.

Also just thought of something else>>>>>>Dave any idea on a ballpark figure what the motor & ac/dc thingy cost? Just so folks have an idea.

3. Yes Dave go ahead & post video, pictures anything you can at this point in your teacher section.....we'll tell Terra that there is adult material in there & she can look at the photo's BUT NOT THE VIDEO!!! Think she'll listen??lol

OH one more thing..........Shall we call you Mr. DaveintheGrave?

ok folks I gave ya my 3 cents worth there , others please say what ya think as we do know this will be a project with parts we have to order.

In regard to smaller projects if no one has any objections to that I say we run them along side each other & if Dustin is gracious to want to start I say that would work fine. We will run Dustins project as Project #2......I will post a thread setup for her & Dustin feel free to go ahead & post your project in that thread........I think I set Dave up with posting his name, project title, startup date (February) & then list your materials list & get a set of instructions posted so folks can start looking things over, what they need & an idea of what you will be doing.

Please do not be worried if no one signs up right away for projects, ya know how sometimes these things are slow going but we will continue to promote them on the General Halloween Board for newcomers & us old folks & as the startup date gets closer people will probably sign up. Just don't anyone get your feelings hurt if no one signs up for your project, sometimes its something people would like to make but 1st they have to stay active with the board & know we are building here, others are short on time , more of us are shorter on money!!lol So we will rotate & come back to things.

Yup I think I covered it all!

the Muffster

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I think a detailed parts list with suggested sources/prices would be very helpful. Also, if parts can be found in everyday items, suggestions on what these items are and how to harvest could be helpful! Earlier is better then later, late is better then never on the list! Looking forward to the first build!!!!

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a big and a little Projects would be great.or if it happens to be a quick easy project then maybe run two the same size.I agree with johnny about the parts list. and how about setting up a group buy?If anyone would like and would be willing to say how many of what they wanted I could help get the group buys setup.and where are we to sign up at? student section?

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Love the idea of two projects!

Mr. Dave in the Grave....If you post a video of your car I'll just pass out. Right now I just drool when I see a picture (that, I can handle). Oh well, I guess I'll just have to watch it blindfolded.

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Mr. Dave in the Grave....If you post a video of your car I'll just pass out. Right now I just drool when I see a picture (that, I can handle). Oh well, I guess I'll just have to watch it blindfolded.
LOL Yea, I really should spend more of my time working on the car, but I spend too much of it working on Halloween props. I just have too many hobbies I guess.
The Zmax Dragway in town near the speedway is having open drags this coming week. I'd LOVE to take it there and see how fast it'll go.
If you ever travel thru North Carolina, stop by and I'll let you drive it. (Only if you want to, I won't twist your arm.)
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