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Sent email & PM om the following:
small talking head statue: $5

small gargoyle (about 2 feet tall):$15
Zombie coming out of groung (scary but not animated): $20
flying monkey (hangs):$5
Grim reaper (hangs):$10
Exorcist girl (hangs):$10

Cannibal meat market packaged brain: $2
Cannibal meat market packaged leg: $5
Head in jar: $2
Face hanging from hook: $2
Heart hanging from hook: $2
Caldron with flame and light (plugs in): $2
Thunder and lightning machine: $5
mannequin torso's ?

Ghouls Rule
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Hi, Im interested in the following;

edwardian butler
mental patient
life size hanging witch
1/2 devil with wings
1/2 burned man
clown with knife

If anyone before me backs out;

skull archway
talking head statue
hanging grim reaper
Cauldron with flame/light
zombie coming from ground

Can pay asap :3 sent pm as well, thanks!

PS. if you wanna post pics here instead of emailing to everyone, try using photobucket. Choose the IMG link and paste in the message area to post here. :3

Haunted House Theme
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I'm interested in Caldron that fogs (plugs in): $10
PM and let me know if you sold it or not. I'll go back and take a look at your list and I'll let you know if I want anything else.
1 - 9 of 9 Posts
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