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Our 2014 camp trip

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Automotive tire Tire Vehicle Automotive wheel system Automotive exterior

First up we had our skelly waiting for AAA (mainly cuz dad (me) forgot his 2 posables that were gonna help change the tire!)
Porch Leisure Building Home Shed

Our Caged Beast (really need to do something cuz a footpad won't work) was a huge hit with a young blind boy that kept coming back the whole weekend just to feel and hear him.
Technology Electronic device Fictional character Games
Snack Machine
Neon Neon sign Lighting Electronic signage Night

Our version of the famous ticket booth, we through together a clown worker last minute (dad forgot the zombies head! Ugh, I heard it all week for my forgetfulness)
Yard Backyard Garden Lawn Grass
Fictional character Play Toddler Costume

Our clowns flanking the picnic/treats table
Light Darkness Lighting Night Room
Light Lighting Night Gas Darkness

Our cauldron, not pleased with this one
Table Porch Summer Play Vacation
Games Play Recreation Table Indoor games and sports
Child Toddler Mud Puddle Soil

Some rainy day fun
Child Toddler Yellow Fun Costume

Ready to TOT!
Child Product Baby Toddler Footwear

And last but not least, getting his new friend off to sleep....
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1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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