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Just placed an order with Oriental Trading (a Berkshire Hathaway company) that I had been waiting to do hoping I'd get a good deal (read Extra discount on). Found a Coupon Code OTC154937 from Retail Me Not that gives you $5 off orders $49 or more Plus Free Standard Shipping. I don't see any time listed for the expiration but I wouldn't wait until midnight as many of these offers tend to expire before midnight in the time zone the place is located in which in this case I think OT is in the midwest and on Central time.

Anyway ordered the Gorilla Rug for 39.00 and a dozen of these black push pin pumpkin spiders for $10 making my minimum. With the code basically got the spiders for free (9.99 shipping credit) and $5 off of the Gorilla rug. Cool.

Many times the minimum is more like $69 and not always free ship so I thought this was a deal worth passing on. OT has some decent props this year -- a mixture of some from last year like Madame Misery and few few new ones like the Goth man and woman. Check out OT's 2014 and 2015 shopping thread for photos of props people have bought.

BTW I was going to pay via pay pal but their system wasn't processing it. Kept getting error code, tried to call them and got a recording. Noticed OT had put up a message 4 hrs earlier that they were having problems with phones so their call center was closed -- otherwise open til 10pm. I was able to finish my order through their secure site using my credit card however.
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