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I go though one of these about every 3 or 4 weeks. I discovered as you can see they are battery operated. The problem with just changing the battery is that the brush bristles get weak and you really need to replace the whole thing. Unfortunately, I don't have a tutorial or anything like that. This is a open area to see if anyone might have an idea how to use these small motors. Maybe in unison not battery operated but connected to something like a computer power supply that is also connected to a motion sensor?

I'm not sure if it's too fast or too powerful or even how you can change that. That's why this is here. It's a cheap motor, small, not too noisy, and could be hooked or connected to an alternate power supply. This is not for lifting huge things but for smaller movements, swaying, ground breakers head or arm movements.

I'm just throwing it out there for any suggestions or attempts at making this work.
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The video isn't the greatest, but if you look closely you can see that the end has an unbalanced piece that when rotated causes the tooth brush to vibrate or pulse. Any recommendations or attempts at something would be greatly appreciated.
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