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Opinions on this song: Controlled Pain - Grendel

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I am curious of whether or not you all think this might be a good song to include in the playlist this year

(The quality is crappy here, but can hear the main idea and tune)
I see it as kind of an "outer space vibe" with the synths, but I think I need some more opinions on it:
YouTube - Controlled Pain

Thanks for your input.
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Thank you very much for the input (All other input is welcome)

I think I will indeed include this song because we do have lots of fog from 2 foggers and 4 or 5 strobes.

Here is another one I am considering - it reminds me that something is lurking about (which is what I do happen to do in the bushes as a grim reaper)
YouTube - Grendel - Corroding Conscience(Instrumental)

And a remix of that - sounds like doom is about to occur:
YouTube - Grendel - Corroding Conscience (Feindflug Remix)

I am really thinking about including this song but the vocals are not my favorite, at least for Halloween wise (so I think)
YouTube - Psyclon Nine - Divine Infekt

Although this guy appears to have made an instrumental only version of it, so perhaps I shall use the audio of that instead.
YouTube - divine cover

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Personally , I do not think any of them would work for a Halloween display , but ... I DO think the last one ( divine cover )might be a good one tp play , if you have a scenario where you could call it

" The Delightful Death of the Techno Twins"

And have that music playing and some normal looking person standing there with a animatronic arm , stabbing them with a knife . LOL

( you did ask for opinions :rolleyes: )

jester girl
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i think the first one would be useable if you are doing an alien theme. i think the next to the last one would be useable if you are doing a theme on heck. and the last one would be useable for a firing squad or some scene where the actors are waiting for something to happen.
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