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I think it might be a bit freaky if you planted "victims" on each hayride...people who were dressed normal, got in line with everyone else(or snuck on in the chaos that ensues when people finally get to board the hayride buggy). then at some point far away from the starting point in the middle of a field the tractor stops, the driver shuts it off, gets down and runs off into the field. A few seconds later actors burst from the fields using whatever manner of scare tactics you want (chainsaw, machetes, whatever) and after terrorizing everyone, they "select" a few people "randomly" from the group and "violently" haul them off into the fields...their screams still lingering...

At that point one of the spooks who had just participated in the whole melee and dragging off of innocents returns...informs the rest of the group they have "special plans for the rest of them" and starts up the tractor and drives off with them...

Or something like that...

OooooOOOoo! I for one like that idea =) Creepy :D
1 - 1 of 18 Posts
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