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To build on the "plant" scenario...

One plant.
A few actors.
The driver of the ride needs to be in on this one.

Have the hayride run through some static scenery...and have an actor that doesn't seem to be dressed right for the scenery come out and pull the plant out of the ride (they'd need to be near the back, and easy to remove obviously) - at which point the driver screams out "Holy ----!! (insert expletive) Hold on!! We don't have any actors here!!" At which point he accelerates...not enough to pull too far from some knife / machete / chainsaw wielding actors who are chasing the wagon, and pointing at the larger males on the ride and shouting "Kill the big one's first!"

Chase ensues...hopefully the football players freak out at being the targets.
1 - 1 of 18 Posts
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