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Ophelia the Witch

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I decided to add another witch to the display so here are some early sculpt pics of "Ophelia". Still have tons of work to do on her, but you can view progress pics here Ophelia the Witch pictures by Lauriebeast - Photobucket

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cant wait to see her clothes!!
I finally finished this old gal. She was fun and challenging, but I really enjoyed every aspect of this build.

Her head and arms/hands were made using styrofoam, Celluclay, and Paperclay. Her body was made using wadded up newspaper, fiberfill stuffing, and quilt batting. Her stand is made of 3/4" galvanized pipe and a 24" round plywood base with castors.

The eyes are handpainted over a downloaded iris print after being glued onto a 1" wooden ball. Eyelashes were applied using fake ones trimmed and inserted into tiny holes with super glue.

The outfit is a combination of vintage textiles (shawl, apron, and skirt) as well as newer fabric. I used both fabric dye and acrylic paint to dirty her up.

Her hair is made up of very small pieces of an acrylic wig and glued on. She stands 5'6" tall.

Thanks for looking. Additional pics may be viewed here Ophelia the Witch pictures by Lauriebeast - Photobucket

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Wow! The detail of the face/hands/skin is simply remarkable. It looks as though it will start moving about and talking. Don't know what else can be said that already hasn't. A masterpiece!
WOW Laurie!!! Yet again you amaze me! I'm going to have second thoughts everytime I go to eat an apple now!

I love her. You rock!!
Laurie! That is stunning! All around execllent...no detail overlooked!
I bow to you O Great One. Can't wait to interview you tomorrow night.
She is just amazing--liver spots even. Her eyes seem to peer right into my soul. She's so alive. I am in awe of your work.
Amazing as always LB!!
Can I say anything other how perfectly amazing it is? You really outdid yourself...again. :)
Amazing, simply amazing. Can't wait to see what you will do next.
I think she's my favorite, so far!
OH WOW!!!!! You added a basket of apples! What a great idea. Snow White always scared me and now that I see the old lady not cartoonish she is super scary. The wrinkles, eyes ..... even her paint job for the skin and the makeup around her eyes and lips. Such realism. Outstanding! Jedi Master.
Laurie, she is one NASTY customer! Your attention to detail is phenomenal! Gorgeous work, as always!
Truly amazing!! She looks so lifelike. I'm sure it will creep out more than a few TOTs (and adults too!) Great job.
oh my she looks so good and realistic all dressed up like that wow AMAZING , now thats one scary witch .....love her Laurie , wonderful job :)
Mom is that you? (giggles) What a wickedly, wonderful job you have done once again Laurie. The ladies in your workshop must be quite jealous indeed. I just hope it doesn't turn into a battle of the Diva's when your back is turned. If you need to separate them, just send one to me and I'll be happy to add her to the family. Hugs, MT
Thank you so much Uruk-Hai, witch from canada, and MT...looks like trouble is already starting.

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101 - 120 of 125 Posts
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