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There isn't much in my area in the way of Halloween supplies, and I could use some good online resources. Particularly, I am looking for decorations and accents that are more spooky/creepy than cutesy or tacky; e.g., gargoyles, candelabras, engraved goblets, eerie ambient lighting, non-cartoony spiders or other spider-themed items, gnarled/withered trees, anything reminiscent of Gothic architecture or wrought iron designs, and other tastefully spooky paraphernalia.

So far, my google-fu has mostly just brought me costume stores geared towards children and a boatload of mediocre, html-only, animated gif-laden sites that look like they haven't been updated since 1995. I have found the occasional gem on eBay and secondhand/antiques stores, but only after wading through mountains of irrelevant junk.

So, do any of you fellow Halloween fans have some good online resources for the kind of stuff I'm looking for?

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Where are you located? If it's outside the U.S., then that may make it more difficult to locate sites that ship internationally.

Grandin Road has nice creepy and gothic decor, but is a bit pricey.
Halloween Decorations, Outdoor Halloween Decor, Halloween Costumes - Grandin Road

Design Toscano has a gothic/medieval section, as well as fairies, dragons and Egyptian decor.
Statues, Wall Sculpture, Home Decor, Fairies, Dragons, Gargoyles...Design Toscano

Oriental Trading Company has Halloween decor and bits and pieces for cheap (some of it LOOKS cheap, but there are some good things there)
Party supplies, crafts, party decorations, toys: Oriental Trading

Spirit Halloween - one of the standards in Halloween decor
Halloween Costumes - Childrens & Adult Halloween costume ideas available online on SpiritHalloween

Halloween Express - ditto
Halloween Costumes and Costume Accessories for Adults, Teens and Kids.

I'm sure there are some good ones I'm forgetting - hopefully some of the other posters will check in. :)


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