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Hi Everyone,

Just wanted to post a note to let all members of the online halloween prop building group that I posted a message on the group page. Also the materials list & instruction page are listed over where our group is in the tutorial section for the mausoleum which will be the 1st project of the group after the 1st of the year.

Instructor is TK421 who built a fantastic style mausoleum will be teaching his technique. Hope you will join us.

For new members: We are the online prop building group, you can join the group in the social groups section of this site. At the very top of this page on the right you will find the "Social " box, click on that to view the groups available to join. We do all hang out in the Halloween Prop Building Group section found above the stickys in the Tutorial section of this site.

For regular members ........I just wanted to say that there is an awful lot more groups available that you may want to take a look at. I know a lot of us hibernate to one section of the site & sometimes overlook really how much there is here.

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