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One, painful way to scare the TOT'ers!

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Instructions include:

1. Take the dogs for a run in the park.
2. Not realize they were rubbing themselves on poison oak!
3. Take them home blissfully unaware, pet them well .. It was a good run!
4. Touch your sweaty face with contaminated hands .. A lot, you're going for horrific effect here!
5. Begin to realize something might be wrong.
6. Think maybe tecnu might be in order .. Too late!
7. Awake in the middle of the night with both eyes very close to being totally swollen shut and face size of moon. It's working!
8. Think maybe effect is too scary, potentially life threatening ... Er visit might be in order (Sunday)
9. Scare the hell out of the ER staff, receive a lot of oh, that's bad remarks. See .. This works, they see scary stuff all the time!
10. Get prednisone pills, 15 days worth!
11. Start taking them, now effect is less scary .. I could still fill in for Quasimodo though .. Sure prednisone will fill in back hump. :p
12. Realize 'takedown' of this effect is everything must be washed, rewashed and rewashed .. Dogs aren't pleased and have been doing laundry, cleaning car, ect for days. I'm nothing if not dedicated!

I know time consuming, but I guarantee you will scare toter's, their parents, your friends, your neighbors, children and hubby. ( who thank god seem to be immune ..after all I don't want anyone copying *my painstakingly put together costume and special effects! ) :rolleyes: this is mine darn it, I earned it ! *sigh*
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1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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