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One Mans Trash Is Another Mans Treasure

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So I am driving down the street and it is trash day around here and I go past this barrel with something black in a plastic bag just sitting there on top. So I put it in reverse cause I felt my Halloween senses tingling lol and I pull over and I pull out this amazing heavy duty total black giant cloth. I had a grin from ear to ear. It turns out it is 90 inches by 156 inches. It was a amazng find to me cause it comes in so handy and I needed some. I can picture how much this would have cost if I had to buy all this material especially with its quality. Just wanted to share it with like minded people. So has anyone else found a hidden treasure they just had to pick up?
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Nice find! I'd love something like that for a backdrop in my garage! :)

I've found things like foamcore and wood, but nothing spectacular.
Dumpster Diving Diva!

Hallow scotty 10_31!
Black fabric!! Lucky find!! And such a large amount too!!
All year long - I keep my eyes out for various discarded "treasure trash" that could possibly be adapted for our yard or Frankenstein Lab -- (Frankie's Girl would fit right into our set up!!).
We have salvaged a variety of items. Even the trash behind our local party supply store was a goldmine one spring when they retired a bunch of backdrops and past season display items. Neighbors have thrown away interior doors, old rickety chairs, lamps, styrofoam sheets and a variety of packaging materials that scream "carve me up and glue me together!" Add a couple coats of spray paint, moss, spider web and voila -- you have everything from headstones to bare figures ready to cover with costume clothing and masks. Last year - a music shop was throwing away an old church organ!! It was an old wood console and keyboard!! We had been planning for a Phantom of the Opera scene on the back patio - and this lucky find was just what we needed!! (I am still hoping to find an assortment of PVC pipe scraps to use for the pipes.) Just last week, after drooling over a $3K Halloween Hearse for sale on EBay - we decided to try and build a more modest but equally creepy version to set beside our graveyard. We were driving past a construction lot where they are discarding dumpsters full of wood pallets, plastic conduit and wood scraps. One large piece seemed the perfect flat bed to fashion the wagon carriage! The dumpster was so full - this set on top and was over to the edge so that we could lift it into our Jeep and head for home! Score!!
I just think of this effort as sort of "bringing back the dead" by giving new life to items that were "one man's trash." Happy scrounging and. . . . BOO! :D
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Great find on the material. This year in our neighborhood there has been three large remodeling projects. I've got so much wood in on my driveway I'm not sure what to do with it. I guess I'll have to store most of it until next year.
I am one of those elderly drivers when I pass by a curb filled with trash . I have found a college beauty student's test head complete with scary hair .:p One of those 6 ft really horrible plastic trees with added Easter grass in the pot . :eek: Charred planks of wood (that was a great find ).
Dang! Awesome find! I haven't really found much on the curb, some pvc pipe I was able to recycle was all I ever found worth using. The beauty test head sounds like another great find.
I remember the days when I use to scream at Jerry about picking things up on the road & bringing them home. I mean the guy just could not drive by something on the road or on the side of the road or even on the interstate with all those crazy cars speeding by.

Things have changed since I started hangin' out with all of you on here! Now I'm happy he does it!
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