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hey everyone I'm going to make a suggestion that I think we all can benifit from.

I have been haunting now for 3 years with great success and enjoyment. Up untill now I have opted to purchase ready made props or build props that don't reguire computer interaction. I consider myself fairly talented and have enough mental capacity to catch on to things rather quickly, which leads me to my dilemma. I would really like to enhance my haunt by adding computer controlled animatronics. For myself and I'm sure a lot of others on the forum that when it comes to animatronics we tend to watch in awe but fear that first step. I think personaly what prohibits me from attempting these types of projects is not the cost, not the time and not the ability but actually the understanding. I believe that with the understanding of acronyms and the role they play along with general programing information we, myself and many other wouldn't fear that first step.

What I'm asking and hoping to do is with the help of the brilliant minds on the forum to compile a list of acronyms, their definition and role they play. I would ask that we all speak in laymans terms and not assume someones capacity for understanding.
Secondly I would hope we could shed some light on differant computer programs and the scope of programming them.

I believe with the help from all we can easily make this list. Having this complete list available in one location would make understanding so much easier.

I believe that creating this list will entice those who have been reluctant to further contribute to the forum by introducing new and differant ideas.

Thanks in advance to all who contribute.
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1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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