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oldmill halloween campout

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on september the 17,18,19,20th i'm putting on a hauntcamp at the old gilliam mill,near sanford ,nc. there will be a ton of events the whole week-end.campers are encouraged to decorate their campsite.there will be a pig pickin that saturday,with all the trimmings.other events planned is prop tutorials,live music,prop giveaways,horror movies all week-end,camp fire chats,and a ton of fun.the fee is $25 per campsite+a toy.thats per campsite,not person,for the whole weekend!the toys that are gathered are for kids at christmas,that don't get much.also working on getting donations for kids with cancer.this is a non profit event. theres a lot of intrest so far from fellow haunters.come on down,have some haunted fun and put a smile on a kids face! if you are interested and want more info,just message me! if you want to come and do a tutorial on a prop,let me know.the more the merrier! wilkster(foggyfathoms)
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