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Old Time Radio

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Don't know if anyone here listens to old time radio, but I've been listening to a vcouple of Halloween collections on Internet archive that really set the mood:




There a couple of repeats in the collections
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Big THANK YOU! I love old time radio horror. Every night, I listen to internet radio- usually Horror Theater, Old Valve, or Mystery Play Theater stations. My fave shows are the CBS Radio Mystery Theater and Inner Sanctum Mysteries.
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Lights Out! Murder Castle is disturbingly based around a true story. And Poltergeist is pretty creepy.

also a couple play lists here
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Thanks for the links. Looks interesting. :) Every one in a while I play the infamous "War of the Worlds" broadcast while I'm working. :)
Not old-time, but newer and of the genre:

I am not a fan of modern vocals or of the occasional profanity... but some folks here might be interested.
I recently heard WKBW's 1968 re-working of War of the Worlds. Ithink Imay actuaally prefer it to the original:

Just found this:


Nice that you can download the shows listed. Nice to listen to whilst getting ready for The Day.
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Not Old Time, but there's a modern show that I listen to weekly, called Imagination Theater. It's online, and on the radio.
Relic Radio has some good ones.


The Horror and Strange Tales update every weekend and are regulars on my ipod, the Scifi is more hit or miss. The short story is sometimes horror related, and the Thrillers tend to be more crime related but can certainly set the tone as well.
Thanks been getting back in to OTR again. Last night was listening to some Jean Shepard Halloween show as well as other holidays
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