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Old Man Joe

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This is my new prop...not quite finished. I call him Old Man Joe....

The body is wood and chicken wire. I cut through the soles of the shoes and put them on the legs before building the rest of the body. The face and hands I had bought last year after Halloween and Joann's Fabrics on sale.

I did the chest, shoulders and head in chicken wire and then used an old T shirt dipped in monster mud to cover over it. I didnt try to get it all smooth because I wanted his neck to look wrinkled. I painted the chest and head area using "flesh" colored paint mixed with dark brown. I think I might do another layer but add more dark brown because it doesnt quite match.

I used two scrap pieces of wood and drilled holes in them to run the wire (forgot what guage it was, but I did post a pic in my album of the package) to make the fingers. It's flexible so I can pose the hands. The only problem is the wire doesnt fill out the fingers enough so I may add some filler so they dont collapse on themselves.

I have not finished his eyes yet. And I still have a little tweaking to do on him but its going to be dark where he is so he doesnt have to be completely detailed.

I posted some of the construction pictures in my 2009 album.
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