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Hey guys and gals I am offering everything I have for sale. I am taking photos of everything. We have fallen in debt and cannot afford to keep up our haunt. A few years off and possibly rework everything later, so my loss is your gain.

I am located in North Mississippi about an hour from Memphis, Tn. I would like to sell everything at one time, for the amount of 3000.00. I have priced everything very low, so that it will sell. Here is a list of just 2 boxes of stuff.

Witch 40.00
potion bottles around 150 of them. 200.00
light 8.00
fog juice 10.00 brand new
spider web a full box 20.00
gazing ball 5.00
body parts 40.00
assortment sizes of spiders and spider related stuff 25.00
lamp 40.00
wedding dress 40.00
stirring cauldron 50.00
full size heavy plywood coffin painted ready to go 150.00
sheet of glass Storm door used for pepper's ghost 50.00
pvc candles 30.00
gauzy material 25.00
15 + tombstones some large 100.00
2 cemetery columns brand new 250.00
1 large tombstone (beloved) 200.00
old grave watcher man 60.00
bloody leg 5.00
various signs 40.00
various masks 40.00
wigs 25.00
curtains 5.00
styrofoam heads 40.00
2 stalkers (??) 20.00
1 wiper motor 40.00
1 FCG ghost 40.00
3 fog machines with timer 150.00
another 5 boxes full of stuff.

Hopefully I can upload some of the pictures tomorrow while at work, and then this weekend upload the rest.

If anyone is interested in the larger items, let me know through pm or my email is [email protected]..

I will be happy to meet you up to 5 hours away from my home.

Thanks guys.
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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