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Old halloween candy

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So, what's the general consensus on eating really old halloween candy.

Now see, i'm a health conscious person, i wouldn't eat something in my fridge that was past it's use by date.

However, me and a friend (thatguycraig - i just got him to join the forums recently) are drawing up halloween plans for this years haunt, and we stumbled across a bag of supplies i'd bought in NJ 3 halloween's ago.

Big bags of miniatures, bags of candy corn, everything that would make a TOT'ers night!

I totally forgot i had this stuff, and it's now 3 years old, but i'm not gonna lie, we started tucking in.

Safe? Maybe not?

Fun, hell yeah.

Anyone else disregarded the normal food rules when it comes to halloween candy?
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any hard candy will last for YEARS and be ok... See Chiclets as an example of that! (I actually found some that were I kid you not 5 years old a couple weeks ago, and had someone "test" them, and they said they tasted like chiclets!).... I think if Chocolate is sealed and kept in a cool dry place it'll be ok for 2-3 years before going bad... once it hits the air though, you better plan on eating it.... Most candy has preservatives in it, and unless you found raisins, I think you may be ok in your candy find!

PS... I think there is someone on the forum who is craving some candy corn, so if you still have that, you might want to share that with them!!!
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