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To make an easy to do but super gross zombie flesh effect follow these steps :)
The effect it makes: It makes a good rotting skin look and if spread and painted properly gets a nice pussing infected look. YUCK

What you need: powdered gelatin, q-tips, fake blood

1. Empty your packet of gelatin into a bowl or cup and add water, mix until it has tapioca looking texture.
2. Microwave the gelatin until it is a smooth and fluid liquid. Careful, it can be hot!
3. Take a q-tip and spread the liquid gelatin over and over on desired area, layering more in certain spots for a realistic shape
4. Every time the gelatin starts to harden stretch that skin until it cracks for a dried skin texture
5. Keep spreading until you get the shape you desire(example: zombie bite, scratch, or just a rotted area)
6. When you have your shape; wait for the gelatin to cool, adding a bit of ice water can speed up this process.
7. While you wait, as long as your new skin is dried you can paint it with fake blood, a rough sponge works best.
8. When the gelatin is cooled and back to its tapioca looking texture use these globs to make puss, infection or just gross gooey flesh.
A q-tip will work to spread it, but using your fingers will help you more accurately make your desired shape.
9. Hold still long enough for your puss to hold in place
10. Paint puss with fake blood
11. Repeat on body as desired.

Notes: washes off with a wet cloth, doesn't irritate your skin.

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It's also great for burned skin. I added a bit of flour, and my powder foundation to the gelatin so it was closer to my skin tone. :D
It started peeling on me though, so I'm going to have to find something to do about doing the gelatin on parts that move a lot. Once it sets and dries, don't expect to much facial movement. Lol
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