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Hello all again. I finished going thru my Halloween stuff and found some more items I would like to get rid of. I will post picture of each items and tell a little about it in this statement. If anyone has any questions, please feel free to ask. I will sell items separate or combine items. All prices DO NOT include shipping. I will not make anything on shipping (or from the items since I paid more for them then selling them). Last time I posted items on this site, I was over whelmed by the response. I will be more prepared this time. Sorry to anyone out there if it took longer to get back to you then you would have hoped. I will sell these items to a first come first request.

These items where in my last post:
An air splitter - $3.00. It will take air and split it 5 ways. This is made to be use with a hose out to your prop. You can hook it up straight from a compressor. This is use to split air different ways from the same compressor.

2 pics are DC motors – 1 is a 1 RPM and the other is a 50 RPM - $15.00 each or both for $25.00. (cheaper than before)

3 baby arms – 2 will take fluid in and drip if you get the right fluid (colored water) - $10.00 for all 3

Bell wire that can be used for 12v wiring or LED lights (see below) - $2.00 I do not know how much is here but I would guess 200’

USB/SD card player with remote - $15.00 plays from your USB drive/SD card

2 foam ladies hands – 1 left/1 right - $10.00

Small water pump - $5.00 I do not know the GPM but I would guess maybe 1 GPM

Gear motor - I do not know the RMP. I forgot what it was - $5.00

LED lights – you get everything for $30.00 - SOLD
10mm – there are 36 of each color – Wht, Grn, Red, Yel, UV and Amb.
5mm – 25 Org, 25 blue, 10 red and 10 yel
2 rolls of 16 conductor cable ribbon
16 - Small battery connectors
100 – Resistors with 1/16th wire
4 LED lights – your guess is as good as mine on the color. I want to UV

Witches head from a spirit globe and yes it still works. Plug her in and she talks with eyes that glow. Even the lights that light her up are still connected and work. - $50.00 or best offer.

Carson siren (yes the sirens you hear on a fire truck or police car) – $30.00 Hook power up to the box along with speakers and you got yourself a siren. I was going to use this at the end of my ghostly footsteps. The footprints where going to walk towards the TT and at the end of the walk the sirens was going to go off.

Candelabras - $25.00 each They stand about 5’ tall. They break down to 7 pieces – see pic. They can be shipped or picked up. Candles come with one abra – first to buy get it unless you buy both then you get them by default.


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