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Hey ya'll

So I'm back. This is the first day I've logged in since last Halloween.

As some of you know, last year i was in a pretty low place. I had just split up from the other of my child, and she had moved out of the house and took my boy with her. I was depressed at work, and Halloween wasn't that fun.... i thought "hey, your 25 (now 26 in 2013) your too old for all this"......

OMGDAN and I thought of out costume for this year the other day, sealed a spot to do our haunt, and so I've back in the game!

Just wanted to say a quick sorry to anyone that had messaged me about doing them graphic design.....
Last year I did some design for some users for their parties etc, but this year Ive turned pro.... you can see what ive been up to (outside of halloween) on my page Molyneaux Design

Hope you say hello, and msg me if you need me!
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