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I've got a few things left before the big move to Ohio. And now is the perfect time to come get 'em while they last!

Animated Laughing Hag w/CD - $250

6' Hanging Medusa Prop - $125

Spike the Skeleton Dog - $45

Bruiser Bones - $45

Possessed Wall Fountain - $99

NIB Set of Three Lawn Witches - $30

Bucky Skull and Crossbones - $20

Grandin Road Skeleton Poncho - $30

Vintage-Look Four Piece Halloween Placard Signs Set - $15 (3 available)

NIB Jack O' Bats Halloween Resin Lava Lamp - $70

Pics are available on Craig's List. Just search for Halloween Props in Cheverly, MD. Sorry folks, I can't ship this stuff, so hop in the hearse and head to the Nation's Capitol.

IM me through Facebook (Kelly Flaskerud) or shoot me an email at [email protected] if you're interested in anything or everything!
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