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OK,Heres my dragon so far.

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Ok this is my halloween dragon so far,I still have some more sculpting to do before I add his skin.Ihope the red LEDs show when he opens his mouth,also his wings come way up,they are just taped together right now.Watcha think?
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Very cool!!!
Can't wait to see it finished and in action!
Keep up the good work!
Wow, Mike, that is amazing! What form did you get the styrofoam? I have never seen white styrofoam in anything other than thin sheets! Very impressive carving indeed :D
Those are some mega carving skills my friend. I cant wait to see this thing when its done!
Most of the head was made from those overnight freight coolers that food gets shipped in.A co-worker had a ton of them to get rid of and the body pieces were from something we got at work,all free,yeah.Thanks for all your positive comments.I love you guys.
Omgosh, that makes it all the more WOW...

Free! I LOVE it.
Oh and the white support is left over control tower off the treadmill i bought for my axworthy and the single motor that runs it was off eBay for 2.95.
Me gusta! I'm afraid I can't offer any help in the mechanics (I'm still in awe of those of you who have a knack with it) but keep us posted on the progress of your beastie - being a dragon/big-scary-reptile fan, I'm looking forward to how it turns out.
The mechanical part is done,I just need to caress his form a little and skin him,then paint.You cant see it in the open mouth shot but there are two copper tubes that will shoot out smoke/fog,hopefully the LEDs will make it look like fire.
Very impressive !! Can you give me any tips on sculpting Styrofoam and the type of tools you use ?
Thanks :)
I noticed in the last pic that there is dryer tubing running up the treadmill frame, what is that for? I am guessing the fog. Really cool.
What are you planning to use for skin?
That is some crazy foam carving skills! Can't wait to see it completed.
That's gonna be beyond awesome when it's finished!
What's giving the beast his movement?
his/her eyes going to light up? glad to see mine isn't the only shop floor covered in styrofoam!
Styro everywhere.I used a home made hot wire foam cutter from instructables.com.very cheap to make and it works great.Correct on the tubing,its choked down on the mouth end to two copper tubes that point over his tongue.The single motor is from eBay,it has two output shafts so one opens the mouth and the other raises his wings,there is a micro switch in the mouth that trips the LEDs.As for skin Im thinking just mache after I sculpt some more and use some clay for defination.His eyes are ping-pong balls(not in yet) that will be green LEDs and be on all the time.Thanks for everyones support.Its my first attempt.
Ill post more as i progress.
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