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...and I'm blown away.

I enjoy doing what I do. Halloween is a big deal to me. I love being
in my mask...it's my world. If anyone read an earlier post about me
being the front man, doing a warm-up show?

I had two other haunts call me today, both wanting to know if I would do
a guest appearance for them. One, forty miles away. But that man offered
me gas money at least.

And I am totally blown away. Stunned and honored.

I know I have fun out there. And I like to think the people enjoy the show.
I know I must of posed for a couple hundred pictures last year. Not to count
the random snapshots people took.

But to think that I am somehow good enough to have other haunts invite
me over for a "guest appearance....that never in my wildest dreams dawned
on me. Just ..."WOW".

The man forty miles away? He said give him a date, and he would picture me
on his flyers.

Of all the thoughts I've ever had...and I've had a lot... something like this
never crossed my mind.


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I was once invited to a library 45 miles away to just talk about my haunted house. I was also invited to address a men's club (older men) and talk about my business /house.
Of course running a haunted house gives me quite a huge number of funny, interesting and sometimes scary stories to speak about, all of which does help to give a new public speaker a bit more real courage to do so.
So.. "GO FOR IT!"
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