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Off-the-shelf product, flash a light, change its tempo?

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Is there an off-the-shelf product I can plug a lamp into that will flash it to a predetermined tempo I can set and change?

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A steady pattern. 125 beats per minute, or 95 bpm, or 133 bpm, etc.
That's one solution, thank you. I'd like to plug a torchiere floor lamp into something that looks like a power strip and have the light pulse at the beat per minute setting chosen. I keep thinking there's something out there already, I just can't think of it.
I need a little help from the electronics whizzes in the forum--my armchair knowledge won't do.

There are plenty of audible tempo tracker Android apps, with nice interfaces, tap pads to determine tempos, and adjustment buttons to increase or decrease tempos by a value of one.

If I get an Andriod app that makes an audible TICKING sound, cut a headphone apart, plug it into the (yes my LG has a) headphone jack, can I run that sound signal into a MOSFET to control a 110AC power strip to flash the light that's plugged in? What's the voltage of the signal going to be, so I can figure out if I need a logic level MOSFET or something else?

It doesn't have to be a filtered signal, it doesn't need to be square wave, etc.
Yes. If only it had a digital display of BPM. Oh, so close...

The DJLC is closer for my needs. Thanks for the suggestion, though.
My need is this: I coach an a-cappella chorus that needs help keeping tempo. The director tried using a metronome, but failed. IMO, listening to tempo (a sound ticking) while singing (also a sound, duh!) fails because of both singing and metronome being sound modes, they complete and conflict. I want to change the metronome sound into a metronome light.

Watching lights flashing (a visual mode) to indicate tempo matters. I want to try flashing the lights to see if it eliminates what I think is two obstacles (being that both are of a sound mode) butting heads. That's hard to describe.

If I'm reading the list of the board's features, it gets programmed by setting its time-on and time-off durations, then it infinitely repeats an on-off cycle using those time settings.

I wish it had a bpm readout. However, if a song needs to be sung at a 125 bpm tempo, a quick calculation will tell me that 125 / 60 = 0.48 seconds per beat, so, Doug, quit being such a baby. It's totally doable. Program it for a 0.10 on duration, followed by a 0.38 off cycle. Rinse and repeat.

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