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Off-the-shelf product, flash a light, change its tempo?

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Is there an off-the-shelf product I can plug a lamp into that will flash it to a predetermined tempo I can set and change?

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When you say "predetermined tempo", do you mean a steady pattern?
It's not off the shelf but I could make you a small controller. There would be a pot for adjusting the rate and a solid state relay to turn the light on/off. One thing to consider though is the bulb in your lamp, not all bulbs can handle being flashed at those rates for extended periods.
The audio signal needs to be amplified even with a logic level MOSFET. You'd be better off using a KA2284 module to receive the audio signal and tap off of one LED to energize a Solid State 120vac relay.
1 - 3 of 14 Posts
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