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DAZL® is now available

Our goblins have been busy brewing a tasty stew of updates:
  • New Audio Animation Wizard speeds up creation of audio-driven animations
  • New Chase Group Wizard speeds up creation of multi-channel chases
  • MQTT and Show Control Hardware configuration added to show control panel
  • Animation track input now supports signal inversion and decay-only smoothing
  • Copy/Paste/Delete of sets and scenes has been enhanced
  • Scene reset actions now execute upon scene initialization / termination
  • Automatic relaunch using administrator privileges, if required
  • Usability improvements and bug fixes aplenty
We hope your Spring has sprung. It's never too early to start planning your Halloween showcase!

DAZL Home Edition starts at a very reasonable $99.99.

Check us out at miserybay-software.com to discover why you should use DAZL to run your next holiday show.
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