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Hello all. My name is Damian, and I've been a member of Halloween Forum since 2009. I've recently become involved with an up-and-coming tattoo magazine as a writer/editor, and I wanted to try and spread the word to anyone on here who might be interested. It's called Obscure Ink Magazine, (I'll put the official description below). We need help with giving the magazine it's final push with financial backing, so we've created a Kickstarter fund; here's the link, with a video explaining the magazine:


"A tattoo culture and lifestyle magazine focusing on the amazing works and stories behind undiscovered tattoo artists across the world, Obscure Ink Magazines looks to bring the culture, lifestyle, and stories of tattoo artists and their customers to the forefront of the industry. There are thousands of tattoo shops around the world, all with artists who have unique stories to share with the tattooed community and beyond.

Obscure Ink Magazine stands out by offering more than just the typical tattoo magazine.

The writers and guest artists featured within the magazine write and speak with pure passion and true motivation to succeed. Founded by Sean Hughes, readers can expect a team of staff members with professional backgrounds filled with years of experience in the industry. The need for a magazine written by professionals in the field is stronger than ever.

We know that everyone involved in Obscure Ink Magazine, our current supporters and future readers are down to earth and interested in a great reading experience. Obscure Ink Magazine will be distributed to shops across the United States and available for home subscription. Get your daily dose of ink in between your scheduled tattoo sessions, hear industry news first and discover up and coming artists before the crowd.

Every cent we receive through our Kickstarter campaign will benefit the magazine. Obscure Ink already has an office up and running along with staff. Funds will be used for the first few months for high printing costs and layout needs. Establishing a high quality publication from the start will allow us to enter on a leveled playing field against bigger publications. In addition to printing and publication costs, there are additional onetime and continuing expenses needed in order to run a high quality magazine. We’d like to purchase high quality cameras to display artists and their work in the best light possible with crystal clear images. Funds are also needed to support the startup costs of printing materials and publication.

Our current goal will allow us to print and distribute roughly 2,000 copies of the magazine every other month with the first release in July 2014. We'd like this to eventually grow into a monthly magazine in which we're able to print at the same rate or better each month. If we're able to exceed our initial goal and reach our stretch goals or beyond, we will print more copies and the reach of our distribution will expand across the U.S. and hopefully overseas as well. We will offer single and bulk ordering of each edition of the magazine on our website as well.

I’d like to personally thank everyone who has come to our Kickstarter campaign and read about our initiative. Further thanks go to those who have donated towards our cause. I appreciate donations of all sizes and know that every little bit counts. I look forward to your support and pursuing a longtime dream to do more for the tattooed community and spread the word!"

Thanks to anyone who helps donate or spreads the word!
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