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wow thats all i can say

i wanted to order a few items from exclusive items from spirit for delivery to the uk
jumping spider $79.99
pumpkin birdfeeder $3200

total item cost $111

came to check out and nearly fell of my chair

for a con artist company called bongous (who still owe me $600 yet refuse liablity)

they offer to receive my parcel from spirit

open it

repackage the contents and slap my shipping address on

for the reasonable cost of $266 that does not include the items

i have ordered things from the USA plenty of times and understand shipping is not cheap anymore but come on this is pure greed on bongous part

i emailed spirit and asked if i could arrange my own courier and was told no i have to go through bongo

the worse part is after i check out spirit wash there hands of me so should a problem arise with damaged./faulty goods i have to contact bongo who in turn fob you off like they always do

the sad thing is they are exclusive to spirit so my usual shopping places cant help
sorry spirit you have lost a sale here
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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