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Obnoxius kids

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OK. I get these kids every year. The obnoxious ones. You know the kind. The ones that come up and proudly exclaim I'm not afraid, and this is so lame. And the y end up kicking something or knocking something over on purpose.

Personally, I want to throttle the lil' buggers. If their parents are there I usually go over tell them politely, Do not bring lil' johnny back next year if he is going to behave this way.

Other than that, anyone have any suggestions on dealing with the lil' "darlin's" short of turning them over and giving them a spanking they so richly deserve?

It just drives me mad that some kids have no respect for things. I work hard on these haunts.
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I enjoy reading all these posts... I laughed our loud at tk's first one... Only because we invite our neighbors over once our stuff is completely set up during the day so they can see what we are doing, what we've done, and what to expect. One kid decided last year he was gonna check our "blood" on our card guards out. His mom yelled at him "if you touch that again, these nice people will add you to their collection of heads, and I will let them!" (We had a row of heads along some pretty white latice work/fencing, and they were all staked and bloody). Otherwise We only have the kids who like to try and cut across the lawn, and knock over things by accident. This year we have 3 ft high fencing to prevent that though!!
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