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Obnoxius kids

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OK. I get these kids every year. The obnoxious ones. You know the kind. The ones that come up and proudly exclaim I'm not afraid, and this is so lame. And the y end up kicking something or knocking something over on purpose.

Personally, I want to throttle the lil' buggers. If their parents are there I usually go over tell them politely, Do not bring lil' johnny back next year if he is going to behave this way.

Other than that, anyone have any suggestions on dealing with the lil' "darlin's" short of turning them over and giving them a spanking they so richly deserve?

It just drives me mad that some kids have no respect for things. I work hard on these haunts.
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I'm really thankful that I haven't encountered this problem, mind you it's been a Halloween dryspell up here. Kids are happy as hell just to see any decor. I was amazed last year when I took a break from candy duty and went for a walk, there was maybe one house every four blocks that had a decoration. When I was a kid if the place wasn't decorated, it meant that house wasn't participating, I guess that's different now.

I'm torn between the ideas of scaring the kids or the legal threats. Through my personal experience of being something of a shít disturber (mostly in school) legal threats always kept me on my toes. I may have looked like I wasn't intimidated, however I've never forgotten how uncomfortable it made me feel. My friends have shared similar experiences. What you have to do is be assertive, and look them in they eyes when you're addressing them. It's a lot like disciplining a dog, really.
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