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Obnoxius kids

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OK. I get these kids every year. The obnoxious ones. You know the kind. The ones that come up and proudly exclaim I'm not afraid, and this is so lame. And the y end up kicking something or knocking something over on purpose.

Personally, I want to throttle the lil' buggers. If their parents are there I usually go over tell them politely, Do not bring lil' johnny back next year if he is going to behave this way.

Other than that, anyone have any suggestions on dealing with the lil' "darlin's" short of turning them over and giving them a spanking they so richly deserve?

It just drives me mad that some kids have no respect for things. I work hard on these haunts.
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Hang them in the basement by the feet, come next August they'll be ready for corpsing.


Okay, so we've been pretty lucky about theft and vandalism though I set everything up the night before and am up till about 4 am doing it, so there's little time where it's left unattended.

I have had the "this house doesn't scare me!" kids before... the house may not have scared them, but I sure did! Sucker.

Have a camera. Keep a digital camera--with a flash--in your pocket. If someone is getting out of line, start taking pictures to document their actions. After the first picture, you can start describing the penalties for willful destruction of property, etc. Plus the flash in the dark will blind them, and keep them from doing much more. Just remember to close your eyes so you don't blind yourself.

Get yourself a SureFire G2 Nitrolon flashlight. That little bad boy is so bright, when you shine it in their face, that will be all they can see ... for a while. That, plus a no-nonsense authoritative voice (think State Patrolman) and most people get in line pretty quickly.

The main thing is, don't yell or whine, don't be a dick, but don't be pushed around, either.
I like your thinking.
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