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Obnoxius kids

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OK. I get these kids every year. The obnoxious ones. You know the kind. The ones that come up and proudly exclaim I'm not afraid, and this is so lame. And the y end up kicking something or knocking something over on purpose.

Personally, I want to throttle the lil' buggers. If their parents are there I usually go over tell them politely, Do not bring lil' johnny back next year if he is going to behave this way.

Other than that, anyone have any suggestions on dealing with the lil' "darlin's" short of turning them over and giving them a spanking they so richly deserve?

It just drives me mad that some kids have no respect for things. I work hard on these haunts.
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You don't have to make the kids angry by telling them not do do something, and shrugging your shoulders saying "kids will be kids" may be alright for the curious kids but the intentionally destructive kids will keep it up.

You gotta look at the situation and what the kid is doing. If they are testing something to see if it is real then walk over and show them what it is and what it does.

If they are a snotty brat kicking holes in things because your house made him look like a wuss or he's just spiteful, then you can either explain to him the legal action you could take for destruction of property, or you could do what my family has done on occasion, and scare the life out of them, or an adult.

We have had few instances of vandalism and attempted theft because kids, teens and adults are terrified of our house and what may happen to them. We have never hurt anyone, simply scared them silly, and because of that kids keep their toes in line. They wont even consider eggs, tp or other forms of childish reactions, because our house scares them that badly.

Oh, another thing to keep in mind is the area you live in. If you have a number of delinquent activities in your area then their might be issues, but if there hasn't been any instances of bad behavior then you probably don't have much to worry about.;)
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