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Obnoxius kids

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OK. I get these kids every year. The obnoxious ones. You know the kind. The ones that come up and proudly exclaim I'm not afraid, and this is so lame. And the y end up kicking something or knocking something over on purpose.

Personally, I want to throttle the lil' buggers. If their parents are there I usually go over tell them politely, Do not bring lil' johnny back next year if he is going to behave this way.

Other than that, anyone have any suggestions on dealing with the lil' "darlin's" short of turning them over and giving them a spanking they so richly deserve?

It just drives me mad that some kids have no respect for things. I work hard on these haunts.
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This is what I have found to work really well. I do most of my prop building outside in the front so people can see me, especially the neighborhood kids. When they ask about what I am doing I let them pitch in and help. There is always something easy they can make or help with.

Since they have worked on the haunt, they don't mess it up. Also, when they see a kid from another area messing with it they come tell me or stop the kid themselves. This has worked great.

Since I have moved the haunt to a local park, I sometimes build props there. Again I let people help out with the projects. In 3 years now, even at a public park, I haven't had anything damaged or taken. The kids and other adults who help me make, set-up, and participate in the haunt police things very well; since I can't be everywhere at once.

Getting the kids involved is the sure fire way to help keep your haunt safe. Not only that you are teaching them some valuable skills, improving their creativity, and keeping them from being bored/destructive all at once.
I echo these sentiments.

A year or two back, I had a neighborhood troublemaker (across the street)make off with some of my equipment, and break some of my stuff. Our solution to the problem was to allow him to keep what he had stolen, and work it off by making new things for the yard.

Now driving, I overheard his friends last year saying they should come trash my yard while getting out of his car. His response: "No, that stuff is a lot of work".
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