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Oak Lane Cemetery has a new home!

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Just giving a heads up for anyone who likes/follows our haunt on Facebook. I have decided to dump the Halloween Home Facebook page in favor of a new page under the name of our haunt "Oak Lane Cemetery". I tried multiple times to just change the name, but Facebook in their infinite wisdom will not let you change a page name once you pass 2000 likes. Oh well. All the likes are just something arbitrary anyways. Great to have 3300+ likes, but I'll gladly dump them to have my page the way I want! Long story short, I'm recreating the tutorial photo albums as best I can, dumping the rest and starting over. No new post to Halloween Home will be made other than to direct folks to the new page and all future posts will be exclusive to Oak Lane Cemetery. I'll probably leave Halloween Home alone till next October before deleting it, but by then it will be just a hollow shell as all content should be deleted and moved to the new page. Anywho, here's a link to the new Facebook page. I've already posted new builds for next year on there so be sure to give us a like if you want to keep up with the happenings... Oak Lane Cemetery
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